Are you a recovering violinist? Always longed to try a cello, or raise your voice in song? Would you like to learn how to write down that song running through your head? Are you looking for a new creative outlet? Then our workshops are just what you are looking for! We have excellent teachers and clinicians ready and waiting to help you find your potential. Our workshops uniquely incorporate music and the arts with hands on, fun-filled creative activities. We also welcome musicians interested in some coaching or anyone who wants to sit-in and listen.

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$20 per workshop or by donation
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All proceeds are fundraised to help support our summer students and featured artists

Opera/Music Theatre Workshops with Maia Vimboule and Catherine Maguire

Mon June 19 – Fri 23 10am -12 Noon

Learn about fundamental techniques that aid in building a strong voice and explore the ensnaring world of ope, art song and  music theater with our expert coaches as they happily to guide you into a state of true freedom and expression. Whether you sing country, opera, rock or folk, you will develop a new confidence in your own voice and the power of singing. 

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Introduction to Strings Workshops 

Violin Workshops with Jenna Gallagher: Mon June 19, Tue June 20, Thurs June 22, Fri June 23 10am – 12 noon, 1 – 3pm

Viola Workshops with Baird Knechtel: Thurs June 22, Fri June 23, 10am – 12 noon, 1 – 3pm

Cello Workshops with Brenda Muller: Mon June 19 – Fri June 21, 10 am – 12 noon, 1 -3pm

Double Bass Workshops with Lech Straczynski: Mon June 19, Thurs June 22, Fri June 23, 10 am – 12 noon, 1 -3pm

If you are interested in picking up the violin, viola, cello, or double bass, this is the right workshop for you! We will be preparing for you the basic techniques you will need to get started. There will also be open  reading sessions to explore some of the classic repertoire for string instruments. Instruments will be provided for beginners.
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Mon June 19 – Fri 23 10am -12 Noon

Singing Terrapin Creativity Workshop with Brenda Muller and Riversongs Creative Team

Mon June 19 – Fri 23 10am – 12 Noon & 1 – 3pm

Join us in creating our giant  Singing Terrapin puppet for our entry in the Dragon Boat Festival Parade. Help to build newly minted legend, created by our director,  Brenda Margaret Muller,   through painting your story onto the Terrapin.  Then help us carry it in the parade.
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Alexander Class with Emily Sun

Thurs June 22 2pm – 3 pm

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Poetry Workshop with Katerina Fretwell

Tuesday to Thursday, June 20 & 22 @ 4 pm

We encourage any  anyone looking for a creative outlet to come to this workshop. You are free to write about anything; discover your artistic passion and find your voice. The sky’s the limit!  Acclaimed Canadian author and poet Katerina Fretwell will guide you through writing exercises that will get those creative ideas flowing!
No registration required!


If you are interested in more playing and singing after these workshops, you can contact us for more private lessons or coaching with our enthusiastic teachers!