Carol Ann Weaver, eclectic Canadian composer/pianist/writer and Professor Emerita of Music at Conrad Grebel College/University of Waterloo, composes genre-bending music heard throughout Canada, USA, Europe, Korea, Africa, and Paraguay. Her music blends classical, jazz, avant garde, environmental and African sounds. She has traveled to and studied/played music in Africa 16 times. She directed three Sound in the Land Festivals at University of Waterloo, and has toured widely as pianist/composer throughout Canada, USA, Africa, and beyond. She chairs The Association of Canadian Women Composers (ACWC) and is a Board member of Canadian Association of Sonic Ecology (CASE). She works collaboratively with Parry Sound cellist/conductor, Brenda Muller (who play on Olapa CD), and was featured in the Blue Bridge Festival and Straw House Gallery, McKellar.